Well lovelies, I received a blog award. What this is or what this may mean, I’ve no idea but goodness gracious was I ever excited. I emailed my husband and my parents like a giddy child and it pretty much made my week when I found it sitting there in my comment box … I don’t ever get accolades for my writing. This one time I let Hubby read a chapter of the “book” I wrote (I say book in quotations here because it is in a constant state of flux, change and rewrite and ultimately unfinished…ness) and after setting it down I asked him what he thought and he remarked “charming” and therein happened our first ever fight. I made him put his dukes up and he paid for the comment. Still does. My darling parents of course think I’m the next great writing talent, but come on. They both, dear old Dad in particular think I shit gold. So? You get what I am saying. Anyway, so this little comment comes along that I write emotional, honest and beautiful entries from someone out there and sadly it made my little writer’s heart sing. Hello my baby, hello my hunny, hello my ragtime gal. Send me a kiss by wire, baby my hearts on fire! You know that kind of tune. I was honestly touched, and grateful. Thanks for the “One Lovely Blog Award,” I’m stoked, people. Stoked.

Funny thing, there are “Rules” to this award so like a good little blogger I will obey and play along. (As long as Hubby has baby Jo wrangled, I’m good to go.)

  1. Thank the person who nominated you
    Well, that would be “Mama to Bean” Blogger – Uh, thank you? Not only do I get enjoyment out of reading your blog, looking at your cute bean’s face but now you’ve awarded me. This is an awesome relationship. I particularly enjoy your “heart” there’s a lot of it in your words. Check her out, lovelies.
  2. Add The One Lovely Blog Award to your post
    I’d love to, however, I have yet to figure out how to do that and it may very well happen that I don’t succeed in finding out. Blame pregnancy brain? Or lack of computery or technical … electronicy skills. Yes yes.
  3. Share 7 things about yourself
    Holy shit balls, seven? All righty.

    One. I suppose the first thing you should know about me is I am OBSESSED with typefaces. That is “fonts” to you laymen out there. In fact as I fell in love with all things typography in college I was also falling in love with my boyfriend (now Hubby) and I joined (without the help of alcohol) these two passions on my neck in the form of a tattoo. It is a letter “J” for his first initial and it is set in the type “Poetica” by the type designer Robert Slimbach (famed for designing the Minion typeface. Anyone? No?)

    Two. The foods that I hate are the foods everyone else seems to love. All pie, pizza and dark and white chocolate.

    Three. I’d sleep through the apocalypse if there was no one around to wake me. Sadly, this opens me up to being one of the first of us that will be probed by an invading alien intelligence.

    Four. I am terrified of skeletons, which is so odd because I love paranormal movies and they ALWAYS pop up in those. Yet? I never learn.

    Five. I have an unhealthy affinity (and this is toning it down, according to Hubby) for throw pillows. I cannot stop buying them even though I have zero places to put them. No one can sit on our couch because there isn’t any ass room left to use. IKEA has made a small fortune off of me in my outstanding pillow debts.

    Six. I love love LOVE the 90’s. Everything about it, but the music is paramount. Long live Nirvana, The Tragically Hip, TLC, Matthew Good, Montel Jordon, Green Day, Third Eye Blind, Fiona Apple, Oasis and Smashing Pumpkins. Holla.

    Seven. The fact that I could not come up with this list on my own, I had to ask Hubby and he came up with all of these. Thanks Hubby, in your eyes I am obviously bitchin’ cool.

  4. Pass the Award on to 15 Bloggers.
    Ok, since pregnancy and baby the amount of time I spend reading blogs has plummeted. Asking baby Jo to stop screaming his testicles off so mama can read internet goodies has never worked and it never will. So I will name the few blogs I read religiously, which I think means more.

    • Broken Condoms – Read this. Her open letters to her daughter are beautiful.
    • Dear #$&!% Baby – Just started reading this one, but when Hubby laughes, I sit up and take notice.
    • The Nice Girl Project – Not for the faint hearted and not a mommy blog. Funny, funny, funny.
    • The Matador and Bull – Bestie’s blog, and not on the list because she is who she is to me but because I believe SHE is a writing talent. So sit up and pay attention, she is the next J.K. Rowling.
    • Mama to Bean – not because she nominated me but because it is important to read good writing that doesn’t bore the crap out of you.
  5.  Include the Rules
    I’m pretty sure I’ve done that, if not well enough sue me.
  6. Inform the nominees by a comment on their blog.
    Will do. Will do. I’m proud to pass this along.


So, there it is. This was fun, but it is late now and I better go relieve Hubby before he defects. I’ll post a picture of Jonah for my viewing public and to quote “Gilmore Girls” here is my loin fruit. Enjoy!