today you are three months

three months, and ten months and a lifetime in my heart

Old soul,

Old soul, who are you?

So collected somehow and so calm

Breathing and living,

lapping at life like the tide

I am your shore.

I will be your shelter.

As your tightened fists grow forgiving, trusting,

and open.

These little sea anemone hands of yours grasp and release my own

as you learn you need me, and you don’t

and as you learn your freedoms,

I will watch you change and forever reshape this shore

for I am the sea that bore you, my love.

And, you will go on to places I cannot follow

But for now, old soul, you are just three months.

I know I met you once in a dream,

Where the water was whispering your name

Jonah, Jonah, Jonah…