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Happy House

Posted on May 29, 2013

Our son Jonah started crawling at the beginning of month nine. He was tentative about it for thirty seconds, cried two or three times when he fell or bumped his head, however; cut to a week later he was this motoring, crawling, climbing mini shit storm. And, here I thought it would be a slow development taking months and months – ah no. No, no no no. No. He is no longer a blissfully stationary infant. He is a toddler who thinks he’s a man destined to be an explorer. My son does what he wants, when he wants to and he will crawl over you to get to the dog food any day of the week. Feet in your face? Yes. Uses your…

On my First Mother’s Day – This is For my Husband

Posted on May 12, 2013

Last night you were all around me As if you and I are connected in a way that means Where I go – you follow You gave me life when I believed all my life could be was an afterthought. You gave love – you gave me great words of love And this poem we call son I can’t live without you by my side Because you’ve been within me, a part of me and cradled in my heart I have carried in my womb the best of you – I is now we and we are forever If I am out there in darkness on my own All I can ever think of doing is finding my way back Within your arms is…