Last night you were all around me
As if you and I are connected in a way that means
Where I go – you follow

You gave me life when I believed all my life could be was an afterthought.
You gave love – you gave me great words of love
And this poem we call son

I can’t live without you by my side
Because you’ve been within me, a part of me and cradled in my heart
I have carried in my womb the best of you – I is now we and we are forever

If I am out there in darkness on my own
All I can ever think of doing is finding my way back
Within your arms is where I am reborn – where I can brave the light

And when I am trying to cast all my pieces away
You inhabit my bones and keep me together – gathering the lost parts
Aspects of myself only you could think are beautiful and worth saving

Last night you were all around me
At a time where once again I needed you
I called out – and you answered

I swear I felt your hand in mine …